May 11, 2022

Trailer Work

"Harold did a great job fixing my trailer. He’s friendly, professional and easy to work with. He had me in and out in no time and his prices are very reasonable. I’ll be recommending his work to anyone who needs metal work done. "
May 11, 2022

Gone Phishing Charters

"I have consistently sought someone with this skilled trade. Thanks to FB and friends, they turned me to Harold Hilborn. My 2019 Ranger 621FS is my baby. And Harold waisted no time getting it done and done right. I was very impressed with his many years of welding with a Tig welder. I hope I spelled that right. After 15 minutes, I walked away with a fine piece of work."
August 17, 2021

Camping grill

"Made me a great convertible camping grill. Can hold pots, grill directly on, or swing it off and enjoy the fire. Great work Harold! "
August 12, 2021

Forged Roses

"Harold made me a couple of his famous forges roses for my wife and daughter for valentines and they turned out great.!! Not only is he a talented blacksmith he also a great welder and fabricator. I highly would recommend Harold for any metal work you may need done. "
August 12, 2021


"Mr Hillborn put on his blacksmith apron and created three roses for my wives valentines gift this year. His craftsmanship and artistic ability amazed me. They were beautiful. A gift that will not wither. "
August 12, 2021


"I must admit I have asked Harold to make many things. Most recently he has helped me with a custom trailer build for camping gear. He has conquered both the design and the fabrication with ease. I really appreciate his ability to turn my idea into something real, and his guidance to help me see the best way to accomplish things."